A More Harmonious Home For The New Year

At the start of the year, one of the most common things people would want to do is make a promise, a resolution that they would have to do to make better versions of their lives and of themselves. Some make a list of things they would want to do and several goals they would want to achieve, while others 
are taking it one resolution at a time, fulfilling the most feasible goals before moving up to those bigger ones.

Having and maintaining a more harmonious home is most definitely one of those things that most people would want.

The world’s leading manufacturer of consumer appliances, Midea has a number of home solutions that could make any home chore easier for everybody. And they have appliances that could suit the need of homes in all shapes and sizes. These include homes of young professionals living independently in their condominium units, quiet abodes of families growing their nests in gated communities, and large vacation homes in the country side.

A yuppie who is doing pretty well on his career and would want to make his new flat a more livable space could choose from a number of small appliances from Midea. The Induction Cooker is perfect for the condo unit. It is safe with its flame less heating and Auto Safety shut off feature which automatically cools off the cooker. It cooks 40% faster than a conventional electric stove and this Quick Cooking locks in the nutrients in the food for a heathier cooking. It also saves 37% on electrical consumption compared to other conventional electric stoves, which is very friendly to one’s budget.

A couple with a growing family would definitely need some help with some of their chores, most especially with laundry. Midea has the Full Auto Washing Machine that washes clothes with just a push of a button, but only spending just Php 1 for a complete wash, rinse, and dry cycle. This would be very helpful for homemakers who have kids to look out for, along with a ton of wash loads to attend to, because they don’t need to worry much anymore. The Smart Sensors in Midea’s Full Auto Washing Machine set the right amount of water and right amount of time of washing based on the laundry load, which makes it easier to use and results to saving 37% on water consumption.

Bigger homes or vacation homes in the country side may also need home solutions that would make living more comfortable, complementing the tranquility of the rural environment. A good warm shower can definitely ease up some stress and tension from the body. A Midea Water Heater will be a perfect addition to any vacation home in the province. It has a Quick Warm Heating Element that instantly heats water at a preferred temperature that gives instant comfort in seconds. Its Safety Sensors ensure not only the comfort in taking a shower but also the safety in their use.

All of these home solutions from Midea are just a few of the numerous products they have in their lineup. Homemakers and single individuals building their homes could find other appliances from Midea that suit the needs of their home, or watch out for the latest they would offer. By having home solutions 
from Midea, people who are living in their own preferred and dream spaces, may it be big or small, will feel positive changes in how they live their everyday lives— having more time for themselves and the family, without the usual stress.

For more information on Midea’s products check out their website at http://midea.com.ph and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MideaPhilippines.

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