Experience The Dairy Queen's Toblerone Blizzard

Your favorite ice cream brand, #DairyQueenPH, rings the New Year with another exciting flavor to spice up its mouthwatering Blizzard collection. Your ice cream experience will never be the same with Dairy Queen's Blizzard of the Month, the all-new and its kind flavor Toblerone Blizzard!

This delectable treat of your favorite Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream and well love Toblerone giving you a chocolate goodness. During the event we have tried it that comes in three delicious flavors. Strawberry Toblerone Blizzard is made with Dairy Queen's signature soft serve and chunky Toblerone bits made sweeter with the addition of scrumptious strawberry topping.  Next is the classic Chocolate Chip Toblerone Blizzard that combines Toblerone and Dairy Queen's rich soft serve with extra chocolate coating and last but not the least, Double Fudge Toblerone is for those who delight in all tings chocolate with its double cocoa fudge mixed perfectly into the creamy Dairy Queen soft serve with bits of Toblerone chocolate. My favorite among the three was the Double Fudge Toblerone Blizzard.

Also, the event become more special when the Dairy Queen's brand ambassadors Miss Grand International 1st Runner-up Nicole Cordoves was there to join us during the tasting. 

Dairy Queen Toblerone Blizzard is available for a limited time only. The cost is very affordable for only Php79 for Regular, Php99 for Medium and Php119 for Large size. 

We also tried the Toblerone Blizzard Cakes which Dairy Queen's offering for the month of February and of course the famous and another favorites which is the Dilly Bar, it has a new look that you can only purchase for the love month. It comes in different colors in a heart shape. 

For more of Dairy Queen's product, you can visit their website at www.dairyqueen.com.ph or follow them on social media.

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