Maya Kitchen Top Eats Presents Come Forth

Delicious meals and comfort foods are mostly found right on our kitchen. We prepare our own food for our family its because we want it and we love it. I was once again invited to witness another food demonstration in one of the best cooking institution in the Philippines, The Maya Kitchen.

Top eats present Come Forth Kitchen, as they showcase their signature dishes in a Saturday afternoon in the Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center. 

The show us the live demonstration of how they cook their Tinapa Caesar Salaf, Longganiza Pizza, Pulpog with Rice, and Malungay Basil Pesto. These dish looks like easy to do what hard to start. Chef Alfred first dish was the Malungay Basil Pest which look so interesting and healthy because of the fresh ingredients that he used. He prepare the pesto sauce by combining the malungay leaves, basil and fine nuts in food processor while adding a little oil and season it to taste.

The  Chef Rowena make the Longganiza Pizza and creating the dough from the scratch. She added the tomato puree and arrange gracefully the toppings. She said it was best to serve hot. Then, it was followed by the Tinapa Caesar Salad which don't have an appeal to me. (I'm not a fun of veggie :P)

But what's next was the Pulpog with Rice with is so interesting. Chef Alfred give us tips on how we can season the pork belly and how to make it more tender. Putting salts all over the pork belly overnight help it to make the meat more tender and tastier. He toss the meat with vinegar, red onion and spring onions and topping it with poached egg makes the dish more special.

My personal favorite was the Malungay Basil Pesto and the Pulpog with Rice. I'm sure when I visited the Jupiter St. area in Makati some other time. I will definitely drop by to Come Forth to have the two. 

You can also try other menu of Come Forth Kitchen by visiting them at the Jupiter St. in Bel-Air, Makati. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @ComeForthKitchen. You can also visit The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center at Liberty Building in San Lorenzo, Makati City or email them at if you have inquiries.

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