Powerclean Chemicals Powder Detergent No-Chalk Challenge

We used to do the laundry at home, sometimes we tend to visit laundry shop to lessen the hassle. However, we still wanted to make sure that our soil clothes will be totally clean and smells good. In my case I rarely visit laundry shop instead I do the laundry. It was nice to know different brands who offers laundry detergent with various types of use but not all of them are effective when it comes to cleaning the clothes.

I was so thrilled to be part of the First Powerclean Bloggers Event, It was such an amazing day to learn new things about cleaning, the Powerclean Chemicals brand and its products who are included in the Bahay Pack. 

During the event, they introduce us the 6 Powerclean Bahay Pack products. These are the following:

- Powder Detergent
- Liquid Bleach
- Dishwashing Liquid
- Toilet Bowl Cleaner
- Multi-Purpose Cleaner
- Liquid Handsoap

There was also a demonstration of No Chalk Challenge. It was so exciting to know that they do the challenge with other 4 leading brands who are popular today in the market. However, I can't disclose here the brands that they use as challenger to their Powder Detergent Wave Supreme. Let's call it brand A, B, C, and D.

To give you the details of what happen during the No Chalk Challenge, watch the video below:

I am sure that you are excited to know which of the brands who uses chalk in their detergent powder? So do I that is why I'm presenting to you the photo I took few minutes after the challenge. It was like, OMG! they really don't have chalk!

To be honest, Ms. Marita Relampangos, SME Head of Powerclean Chemicals and the R&D Team told us they also use chalk. However, they uses the kind of chalk who dissolves easily. They use it even its a little pricey because they want their customers to keep coming back to them and I also learned that chalk is needed as part of the ingredients of detergent powder to have the talc or powdery effect so that the detergent will not get cake (buo-buo). 

I even, tried the powder in soaking our white clothes and I made some experiment. I left the soak clothes for a week and when I came back, I thought that it will smells bad, in my surprise it wasn't. I can actually testify it because it happen for real. No gimmick and no lies that is why I recommend it to all of friends and family.

One thing I love about them is that the products is affordable, it is also eco-friendly because they don't leave residue in your drainage and most importantly, it has a high quality when it comes to cleaning. Powerclean Chemicals can also be considered as a one stop shop for cleaning solution because they have a wide range of products from cleaning chemicals, laundry & janitorial supplies, kitchen hygiene supplies, dining and restroom hygiene supplies, cleaning and janitorial equipment, dish washing machine and pest control & cleaning services.

Powerclean Chemicals is a proud brand of Oxychem Corporation who has already satisfied a great number of clients for 12 years. Powerclean does not just sell, it also assists and provides technical assistance and consultancy as well when you use their products and services.  For more information about their products, you may call Tel. 477-4595; 477-4575; 531-4444. Email them at info@ppowerclean.com.ph. Visit their website at www.powerclean.com.ph at like their Facebook page at www.fb.com/powercleanofficial.

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