The 11th Annual TELUS Days Of Giving In Manila

The leading business outsourcing services provider TELUS International Philippines (TIP) in partnership with the non-profit organization, Hands on Manila (HOM) transformed a school and a community in Tondo, Manila for their annual company day.

It was served as the kickoff for the department of Education's yearly school cleanup program called Brigade Eskwela. Over 2,800 TIP volunteers came straight form a full night's shift t,o spend their Saturday at Rosario Almario Elementary School to refurbish some of the school's facilities and extend their helping hands to the surrounding community by sharing first aid, disaster preparedness, livelihood, and Jon interview skills.

Aside from repainting walls, repairing chairs, refurbishing bathrooms, planting gardens, and replacing school windows, TIP volunteers built a new kindergarten classroom to accommodate more students.

The company also conducted a dental mission for the students of the school and organized a workshop to train teachers in first aid and proper healthcare treatment, so they can better care for their students of n the event of accidents and disasters.

To further highlight the goals of the event and appeal to the caring culture of its team members, TIP created a chair exhibit that features broken chairs taken from Rosario Almario Elementary School and showcased them in the five TIP offices in Metro Manila. According to Carlos Giammattei, Brand Marketing and Culture Director at TIP, the exhibit is a symbol of hope for this year TDOG.

It was their fifth time supporting the Brigade Eskwela program and, to date, the TELUS Days of Giving activities have already helped tens of thousands of students in Metro Manila public schools, including the more than 9,000 elementary students attending crosiers Almario Elementary School.

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