Be A Foodpreneur With JAM Foods & Co.

Have you ever think of putting up your business and yet there are some hindrances that stops you? It could be the location, the plans, or maybe the capital that you need. Okay, let me tell you this, if your problem is simply you have no big capital to start then listen to me carefully because there are some companies like JAM Foods & Co., who encourage aspiring entrepreneur to start their own food business with a low start-up capital. Yes, that's right!

JAM Foods & Co., is the group behind the famous U.S.D.A Angus beef Tapa, Salpicao and other premium ready-to-cook products. They are now expanding its brand by accepting distributors or re-sellers.

The owners of JAM Foods & Co., Chef John Cu-Unjieng and wife Michelle believes that with this method, they can encourage young entrepreneurs to sell at their own convenience. Chef John Cu-Unjieng assures that the ingreients used in their products are the freshest possible produce and they don't use MSG in it. He said the unique flavor of each of their products makes the JAM Foods & Co. different from its competitors.

During the event, we are fortunate enough to try their meat products. They serve us cooked Hot & Spicy Angus Tapa, Premium Lean Angus Tapa, Korean Beef Barbecue, Angus Ribeye, Fillet Steak Calumpit Longanisa and more.

I would say that the quality of the products are rich in flavors. Chef John even told us that it can give you the consistent taste for 365 days. No wonder why JAM Foods has its exceptional creativity and expert in meat handling. They even endeared itself to the Filipino foodies the quality of their products. 

To be a distributor and to know more about JAM Foods & Co., visit JAM Foods' Facebook page at JAM Foods & Co. or email, or you may call +63917 5331371.

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