Good Food Tour Philippines Features Mexican and Spanish Cuisines

It was my first time to join Good Food Tour Philippines of Food Panda and on their seventh edition, it's all about Mexican and Spanish dishes. Food Panda as well as my co-blogger friends conquered the Tomas Morato Avenue in Quezon City and had our Mexican and Spanish food expedition.

So what I did, I make sure that I am ready for this because we will be going to visit not just one restaurant but three restaurants who serves Mexican and Spanish dishes. I promise that I will be more honest with this food review because I want to help these restaurant to improve if there's need for improvement and to be more successful.

Our first stop, Senor Pollo, It was owned by El Chupacabra Group. This restaurant was really cool, I love the wall art design and the ambiance of the place. So, Mexicanize! You will feel how they use the possibilities of having a happy place with its colors reflecting the Mexican culture and people. I love the restroom, they use glow in the dark paints for the art designs.

Let's get to their food... one by one!

They served their signature Roast Chicken with sides (Coleslaw, Patatas Bravas), Fried Chicken, Chicken Sisig, Hot Wings, Grilled Chicken Quesadilla and Dulce De Leche Cheesecake. Prior to that we have the Pork and Nachos and of course Iced Tea for the drinks.

They really serve a lot of variety of chicken that's why I can not distinguish the taste aside from the spiciness. However, I find the Chicken Sisig rocks during the event because the spiciness of it is just right although I don't know how spicy the Hot Wings was because I did not try it. Roasted Chicken is tender but it should be better if its more juicer while the Fried Chicken was so crunchy but the gravy needs a little improvement because I did not taste anything in it.

There are two favorite of mine which I think would be the reason why I will go back to them and these are the Grilled Chicken Quesadilla and Dulce De Leche Cheesecake. These two was so delectable, I got a slice of Grilled Chicken Quesadilla, the flavors, the cheese and the chicken was fantastic while the Dulce De Leche Cheesecake, although, I got only a spoonful bite of it but the rich creamy texture and the flavor was unforgettable. Oh, they also serve beers and cocktails too.

For our second stop we have Dulcinea which has been serving since 1963. They most well-known Churros with Chocolate dip was not to be missed when you visit them. By the way they serve authentic Spanish cooking like tapas, sopas, ensaladas and more.

During the tour, we tried their Paella Valenciana, Salpicao, Salmon Al Ajillo, and of course the Churros con Chocolate served with Tropical Fruitshake. I love everything they served! I can't resist with the Paella Valenciana and this is the one reason I love Spanish cuisine food tour. If you happen to read my old blog post, you will see that Paella Valenciana or simply Paella dish is my favorite. 

Last stop, Alba Restaurante. This restaurant serves traditional Spanish cooking for the past six years. From tortilla, ensaladas, pasta and paellas. They have everything! the ambiance is so cozy while there is a group who will play music for you while you dine. Their place is also perfect place to celebrate special occasions with your friends and family.

When we came to the place I noticed that they serve buffet but we have food line-ups that they will be serving to our tables. The third stop was truly amazing because they served us a lot and when I say a lot it's literally a lot! We have Chorizo Fritos, Gambas Al Ajillo, Berenjanas Al Horno, Paella con Setas y Pesto, Paella Negra, Paella Valenciana, Lengua Sevillana, Callos a la Madrilena, Salpicao de Solomillo, Lapu-lapu a la Romana, Cononigo and Tarta de Quezo.

I almost forgot my name when tried their Paellas and too bad we did not even tried the other foods because we are really full. From the three Paellas that I tried I love the Paella con Setas y Pesto, they says its their vegetarian paella. I'm not vegetarian but I love it as well as their Paella Negra. The dessert that they serve is also good.

I'm pretty sure that you get hungry and wanted to try those food also. Don't worry because the best thing about it is that you can have it in the comfort of your home via Foodpanda.

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