Today is KFC Delivery Fan's Day!

KFC Delivery Fans Day was set to be on September 30. KFC invited bloggers to help crack a secret from the Mystery Manila. We are the Team 2 and we are four in the group namely Gerilen, Patty, Beth and yours truly.

Before we get to the KFC Mystery Challenge, we first eat breakfast to get the energy we need. Then, we are given a key that we will be using in KFC Mystery Challenge. Now, did you feel the excitement like what we have?

After the breakfast, we headed back at the KFC Bonifacio Triangle and recieved a red envelope with a letter from Colonel Harland Sanders. It has a 50 KFC bucks and we ran to the cashier to order the Colonel's Special before we get the fist clue of the mystery challenge.

We got the two-way radio in it and we tried to communicate in the other line that we think could give us clue on what's next.

Now we run to outside and I use the key to open the delivery motorcycle box and in one try... Boom! It was open!

The next clue was there and it has a sunglasses, hairnet and KFC shirt on it. One of use which is Patty will be the colonel's assistant that she needs to raid the KFC counter. Patty was asked to get the KFC Chiken Bucket ordered by a customer with a name Harland. So run all over the whole place to find Harland and get the Chicken delivered to him.

It took us so long to find the guy, there are some bluffers too and we even give up on it. Until... Finally, in the outside. We found him!

Upon giving him the bucket of chicken, he gave us a black box with two digital locks and here we go again, we need to decode it to find the next task.

I suggest to use the KFC delivery numbers (887-8888) and it was open. Then we went to the second floor and while opening the door and entering the place an explosion of confetti and congratulatory greetings surprise us.

To give you some details on how we enjoyed the day and how it was fun. I'm sharing you the video below... enjoy!

You too can also join the KFC Delivery Fans Day and here's the mechanics:

- Fans who register and order from Sept. 29-Oct. 1 (9 AM to 9 PM) on gets a valid entry for a chance to be one of the 3 winners of a 1-year supply of KFC Bucket of 6.

- 1 winner will be chosen per day via an electronic raffle for 3 days. A winner can only win once. The draw will be held on Sept. 30, Oct. 1 and Oct. 2 and the winners will be announced on the same day as the draw dates via a Facebook post. 

- Winners will be notified via registered mail, email and a call from a KFC representative to schedule the delivery of prize.

- Only one bucket of 6 will be given per week to the winners starting from Oct. 7, 2017, to Oct. 8, 2018. The prize is not convertible to cash.  

What are you waiting for... grab your phone now and make your order now!

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