Ramen Nagi in Solenad Nuvali is Now Open!

It was my first time at Ramen Nagi and having their signature ramen as we take part to the soft opening of the their Ayala Malls Solenad in Nuvali. That day was fun and tummy full day. I got a chance to catch up with my other blogger friends.

I love the idea of customizing your food and I admire Ramen Nagi about it. They give us a piece of paper where we can choose what to have in our ramen and of course the menu. 

I ordered the Butao King for my ramen choice while for soup base is just normal who has tonkotsu pork-broth and for the topping are belly and no vegetables. I choose my noodles to be normal with extra Tamago on it.


We only allow to have one side dish per two people during the food tasting so for our table we have two (2) side dishes, we ordered the Chicken Karaage and Pork Katsu Roll.  One of my friend ordered Red King (Akao) which has the ultimate spiciness and I don't have a courage to try it. I would like to try it though it gives me chill whenever I think of how spicy it was. There are condiments placed in the able so you can adjust the seasoning base on your own taste.

I love the Chicken Karaage while my ramen was really customized for me. Extra topping can be added in less than Php 100 so you can have it extras if you like.

The serving is big and I did not finish my ramen. Too bad we can't take it out. You can feel the Japanese culture in place and ambiance. I wasn't able to take a picture of the kitchen and inside the restaurant because I was too excited to try the ramen. We are sitting outside and I spoted the Nagi Chips that they sell, it's made from the special dough, fried and flavored in their special Japenese seasoning. It's available in different flavors for Php 95.

Below are the prizes of some their menu:

Original King (Butao)390
Red King (Akao) 410
Tamago 60
Chicken Karaage 250
Pork katsu Roll 295

Guys, if you happen to crave for ramen or feel cold during rainy days or if you are located somewhere in the South. You can visit Ramen Nagi at Ayala Malls Solenad and try their signature ramen!

The day was tiring but it was indeed another blogger food trip that I truly enjoy!

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