Dark Chocolate Slab From Red Hat Cacao

A lot of people thought that having a sweet tooth is easy. Actually, nah. Why? Because, you crave for something sweets all the time and I don't find it bad, indeed it was fun! 

I call myself as a dessert monster and I totally claimed it. Eating sweets makes me happy all the time. Even small bite of chocolates makes me smile. I remember during the time that husband and I was in girlfriend-boyfriend status. I told him that don't ever think of giving me flowers because I don't eat flowers. So from then he gave me chocolates... lots of chocolates!

I have tried so many variety of desserts including different types of chocolates, imported and locally made. But the question is, how they make chocolates to be totally good? Did the chocolate makers already know the perpect ingredients to use? Perhaps, we had the same question in mind.

But don't worry guys, because I got a chance to meet Ms. Gladys Hernando who happen to be the owner of a cacao farm in Quezon Province and also a chocolate aficionado. She learned making chocolate from the scratch, out of her passion and had opened her doors to venture into business and she called it Red Hat Cacao.

Ms. Gladys is also one of the head writer for a TV Station, she captures the attention of her colleagues and other celebrities who happen to taste her heart-crafted chocolates. The brand name Red Hat Cacao by accident because she used to wear a red hat while harvesting cacao in her farm. 

Exploring and perfecting chocolate making makes her to do more different variety of products out of her cacao nibbles. One of them is the Dark Chocolate Slab topped with dried fruits and nuts. It has a bittersweet taste that makes you munch for more and yet it's a guilt free chocolates.

But guess what? Making the Dark Chocolate Slab is not easy because it takes 12 hours to make it and the hardest part is the tempering, it requires a specific temperature to get the consistency of the chocolate.

Red Hat Cacao is perfect gifts, perfect with coffee, wine and even can pair with fruits.

For more information about Red Hat Cacao, you may check out redhatcacao.com or follow on Facebook and Instagram (@redhatcacao_ph). 

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