Bulalo Night At The Green ATS Restaurant

The fast two days was really a hectic one for me. Ask me why? 

I attended a retreat and strategic planning in the other. It seems like I need to reflect for  moment and that so-called retreat was perfect just in time for me. I enjoyed it! Next was the Strategic Planning of our company wherein, I felt that I was almost drain. Thinking of the plans for the company as well as for my team department. It was a no joke because I have to commit.

At the end of of the day where Strategic Planning was done. We treat our selves to an extra something special. Actually, it's a treat from our company vice president. Food Trip! Well, we are in the location where the cold breeze and the hot food on plates was serve so we take advantage the moment.

Bargaining where to go, where to eat and what to eat until we ended up with the Green ATS Restaurant.  By the way, they are operating since 2004. Actually, here was nothing special in the place with you look at it from the outside. There is also a view of Taal Volcano but it was almost night so it was dark and we can't event see it from a far. 

When we enter to the place, the ambiance it so cozy and homey because they are using Pinoy aesthetics and interiors. Bamboo and wooden tables and decorations. I am pretty much sure that you are waiting and excited for the food that we ordered.

Of course, we have the famous Bulalo, Fried Tawilis and the Pinakbet along side with rice and pitcher of ice tea. We also have Leche Plan for the dessert.

I would say that Bulalo is really perfect. The meat is so tender where its like almost strip out from the bone. I did not try the Tawilis as well as the Pinakbet.  If you are my regular reader I'm sure that you know what I mean. 

I was happy with the Bulalo alone and really love it. However, we, not only me was disappointed with the Leche Plan. It should be better if its a little more creamy and pure egg yolk was used. 

Afterwards, another Manager was ask us to have some coffee and along the road we stop by at the Starbucks, we intended to visit the stand alone Starbucks one but it was out of our way so we decided to drop by in the near by Starbucks along the road.

It was a long and tiring day but very productive. Good night everyone!

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