Bewitch When Visiting The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center

I was fortunate enough to experience the tour in the Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center. It was an amazing, tiring but fun day. When I got the invitation, I was so excited. As a book worm which I claim. I was wondering how the museum will look like, although I have seen some Instagram post and some article about it. Even so, I never thought that there will be a place like that in Marikina. I used to go in Marikina because I have many friends who lives there.

On that day, I was caught in the middle of traffic without know why until I overheard that there's a 3-day sale on going in the nearby mall. Crazy enough to go down the cab and transfer to a public utility vehicle just to avoid the traffic from the other side while getting a new cab in the downtown of Marikina.

I was late... but happy to join the tour which started 10 minutes ago!

Catching up in the tour and taking photos everywhere. It was an amazing place. I get to see the different books which Atty. Jimmy Buhain take home from his travel abroad. He has a wide collection of books and other memorabilia from different parts of the world. I also heard from the tour guide that some of the books they have are gifts for Atty. Jimmy from friends in different countries while others are really rare books that are limited edition such as the first edition of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling, Miniature Edition of Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and the Willian Shakespeare's 40 miniature book collection from Frankfurt, Germany.

Atty. Jimmy Buhain even had the smallest and the most expensive books and he got everything from the smallest to the biggest books. During the tour the two story building who are surrounded with books and materials from different parts of the world are really fascinating. However, I get sad to know that my expectation did met. To be honest, I was expecting to see a countless books and not lock up where you can have the option to borrow and read it. Ms. Sharleen Bautista, our tour guide says that you can barrow and read it inside the building but for selected books only.

Then the tour continue when we headed to the Northern Philippines Ethnology, it highlights the well-preserved and precious artifacts from wooden scooter of Cordillera to traditional Coffin like in Sagada hanging coffins. The culture and the tradition of the Northern part of the country proves that we are truly rich. Their collection was focus more in the mountain province especially in Benguet and Cordirella.

Then we headed to the Southern Philippines Ethnology, another part of our archipelago who is truly rich. The story of people and the warriors in the province of Mindanao was genuinely captivating I love the Customary houses of Maranao as well as the Marawi Hanger with Gift Offerings.

But wait there's more, because they have another spot which is their Annex who is recently open that has the collections of stones, angels, head gears over the years and different sling shots of the world.

Afterwards we headed to the James Dean Cafe where we had our snacks. Actually that day, it was Atty. Jimmy Buhain's Birthday celebration at the same time the store blessing of James Dean Cafe. I will tell stories about the cafe in different post so check it out soon.

It was very tiring but enjoyable! Visit them at 127 Dao S. marikina Heights, Marikina City. You can contact them at +63 570-4449 or email them at for reservation.

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