Kuya J’s new Duo Halo-halo Espesyal

I’m so excited to try the new Halo-halo line of Kuya J. I went to the venue early to avoid the traffic and it was so nice to be the early bird. While waiting for the other invited bloggers. I took pictures and stay at their function room. The place is so comfortable and homey. I love the idea of their interior designs which remind me the Kuya J’s signature brand of warm customer service.

Eventually, the staff of Kuya J’s started to serve us lunch. We have Grilled Scallops, Tortang Talong, Pork Caldereta, Crispy Pata, Beef Sinigang, Sisig, Pancit and three variety of rice (Garlic, Danggit, and Plain Rice). 

I don’t want to get so full but I have to try everything that is why I have a small portion of each food and guess what my favorites are? Of course, the Crispy Pata and the Beef Sinigang. The crunchy skin of crispy pata and the thick soup of beef sinigang makes me want for more. But wait, that’s not the super star for that day!

As I’ve mention, I don’t want to get full because I have to make room for something more exciting. So, when the lunch is over, a short presentation and introduction of the product from the marketing of Kuya J and to be able to try the newest line of Kuya J’s Halo-halo Espesyal!

Aside from the Kuya J’s other halo-halo variants that includes Halo-halo Espesyal, Ube Halo-halo Espesyal and Saba Halo-halo Espesyal.

This summer, Kuya J, the fastest growing chain of Filipino casual dining restaurants in the country and home of the uniquely reinvented Halo-halo Espesyal, takes its game up a notch with an iconic duo that will further redefine the classic Pinoy favorite dessert, the new Duo Halo-halo Espesyal!

According to Mr. Winglip Chang, Kuya J Group president said that they take pride in being known for their unique and flavorful renditions of Halo-halo. Kuya J’s new Duo Halo-halo Espesyal is a fusion of our own version of the classic Halo-halo and the crowd favorite Ube Halo-halo Espesyal. It is a delicious and exciting treat that will definitely beat the heat this summer season. 

Looking at the Kuya J’s new Duo Halo-halo Espesyal makes me think of Bingsu of Korea  and a sorbet from other ice cream shops but what makes it special is that, the silky-smooth ice made from milk and the rich, thick purple ice made from tasty ube. While the ice is shaved smoothly to complement the perfect mix of other ingredients including macapuno, nata de coco, caramelized saba, ube jam and langka, and a slice of leche flan, a sprinkle of crunchy cornflakes on top and ube cream makes it a delightful summer dessert.

I would say that it makes me feel like it’s now my favorite. When I get home I even told my husband and my kid to visit the Kuya J in the next days. I really want to go back and have it, imagine for only Php109 you get to quench the heat of summer plus you get to try the two variant of Kuya J’s Halo-halo in one. 

Kuya J has come a long way from being a humble eatery in Cebu called “Kanan-an ni Kuya”, to now having 108 restaurants nationwide. It continues to satisfy every Filipino’s appetite with its best-tasting Filipino dishes.

Make your summer more exciting with the new Kuya J Duo Halo-halo Espesyal. For more information on Kuya J’s new offerings, visit http://www.kuyaj.ph. 

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