My First and Last TeaMi Experienced

Since 2010, I have tried different milk tea and I must say that every milk tea shops have different specialty. Way back then there are only few milk tea shops around the Metro and you can easily identify which brand is the milk tea came from.

One of my favorite brand is Serenitea. I love their Okinawa Milk Tea.

Two weeks ago, I was craving for milk tea after coming from Palarong Pinoy 2019 of PMAP. It was a sunny Sunday and its a sweaty morning. On our way to the next event in Makati, my blogger friend, Boy Raket invited me to try the TeaMi milk tea. Sounds interesting and fun, so I give a try.

I was impress with their interiors of the shop, though its open it has a good ambiance within their vicinity. In their outside wall near the entrance you can find an digital board that says, "10 Seconds Challenge, Play and Win!". Looks challenging right?

We give our order to the crew and ask him, "what's your specialty?" And he told me, "Brown Sugar Pearls Oreo Milk Tea ma'am". So, I ordered it. However, I noticed that they only have Medium size for that flavor so a bit disappointed.

I actually forgot about the 10 second challenge, maybe because I get busy with my phone checking something on it. Until the drink was served when we got called.

I tried to focus on tasting the Brown Sugar Pearls Oreo Milk Tea for a few seconds then I realized that their pearls are a bit hard to chew though the milk tea is fine just right enough to taste like Oreo and because its only medium size its a bit "bitin".  My verdict, its a so-so milk tea or milk tea wannabe.

The price is a little pricey compare to other milk tea shops, its Php125 for a medium drink compare to others which its Late size drink already for that price.

They have the Brown Sugar Pearls Milk Tea series, Dirtea, Pure Tea, Milk Tea Latte, Wintermelon Milk Tea Latte, Macchiato, Fruitea, and Yogart flavor drink that you try on.

Oh, I noticed that they have a mock-up milk tea display around their store, you might get the impression that they where serve just like those but its not. The shop was also hot, I don't know maybe because they shared aircon from the mall, I don't know maybe its just me.

The only thing I like about them is that they are trying to be eco-friendly milk tea shop because they are using paper cups sealed with wax paper like cover.

Disclaimer: I have the right to say anything because I paid for my drink and I experienced the whole thing while visiting them.

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