Birthday Foods From Kuya J Restaurant

They said life begins at 40, actually age is just a number and for me it's only a number that adds to your age every year. Who cares if your age are no longer in the calendar? Even when I was younger, I tend not to say my age not because I am shy but because I don't think its necessary to broadcast. Today, I am more proud to shout out that I am 40! Meaning, I am now more matured and experienced in life. More wiser and bolder!

I don't usually celebrate my birthdays. Last year, I spend one lunch with my colleagues from Great Image at Salu in Toma's Morato because I have to, there are people who wanted it to be celebrated. This year, since my birthday falls on Saturday, Daddy cooked Pancit Canton and we only take out foods from Kuya J Restaurant.

Everytime we went to Kuya J Restaurant, we always looked forward on their Kare-kare and Crispy Pata. So, we had one each and we added Shanghai rolls. As always, we really enjoyed the food maybe because the taste is very  consistent. Their Kare-kare is so reach and creamy, you can taste the real peanut butter sauce. The crispiness of Crispy Pata makes you want for more and the crunch from the skin of pig is fantastic. 

We ate together at home and nothings special. For me, having them (my family) around me is fine and perfect. Of course, spending your special day with family is always awesome. It gives you more reasons to be strong and inspired.

By the way, I thank Kuya J Restaurant for the great food and we will never stop supporting your brand. Thank you also to my husband who took time cooking the special pancit canton for me and to my son who supposed to brought chocoate cake but I insist not to buy. My only wish to have a good health not only for me but also for my whole family. 

God bless everyone and Happy birthday to me! :)

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