Cafe Mary Grace: More than Just a Pastry Shop

I visited Cafe Mary Grace in Eastwood and the restaurant is so homey. It is a place where you want your Mom and Tita's to meet for a brunch or an afternoon coffee. I know them for their pastries and cakes and never thought that they served something more than you expected.

Cafe Mary Grace is known for their ensaymadas and cheeserolls. However, I was so surprise to know that your all time favorite home cooked dishes will be on their menus. They serve a variety of choices from breakfast, staters, appetizers, soups, pastas, pizzas and more.

That day, I have 2 kinds of pasta, the Carbonara Pasta and Spanish Sardines Pasta. I also have Mushroom Omelette, Beef tapa, Cream of Mushroom Soup and Garlic bread on side. Afterwards, a Square Brownie and Lemon Bars which completes my meal for desserts. Their Iced tea has something I can't explain but good in tastes wherein not too sweet in tastes.

I love the omelette, mushroom soup and the carbonara but not the other pasta that I have. The Brownie and the Lemon bars are the best!  I tried their ensaymadas before and it was so good perfect with tea or hot chocolate. Aside from the food they also have great service, the comforting, relaxing and cozy ambiance will give you a good vibes. Check out their celling, it was so nice, the butterflies are moving and everything is pleasing on the eyes plus the wall is very cute.

The food, ambiance and the serviced are fine except for the price, its kinda pricey though worth it.

Will I come back? The answer is yes! Because it's the right place for family gathering, small meetings and afternoon meet-ups.

From a bazaar concessioner to a restaurants, Cafe Mary Grace now have 21 Kiosk and 36 Cafe branches. To learn more about Cafe Mary Grace, visit their website at

Oh! by the way, you can now order online through their website in just 3 steps. How? All you have to do is to visit their website, click "Order Online" and choose you prepared cakes or baked goodies. For celebration cakes choose your design and customized your cakes the way you want it. For baked goodies, choose the number of pieces of your order by 6, 8, and 12 then how many orders you like.

Please take not that for orders more than 10 units, you can email and there will be four (4) days lead time. All orders are for pick-up only!

Enjoy eating!

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