Cled'or Premium Ice Cream

Who doesn't like Ice Cream?

Everyone of us at least once in our life have tried ice cream. my favorites are vanilla and chocolates. However, lately, not that so recent I like Pistachio flavor of one of the leading ice cream brand here in the Philippines. Anyway, I will not going to tell you more about that ice cream indeed let's talk about one of the most popular ice cream brand in Korea. 

There are actually three (3) best Korean ice cream in the market namely Melona, Cledor, and Samanco which are all products of Binggrae but I will feature today the Cledor or Cled'or.

Cled'or Ice Cream is a premium ice cream of Binggrea. It defines as ice cream like an ice cream that Cled'or thinks. When we say ice cream, we thought of sweet memories, happiness and even our childhood stories. And an you say Cled'or, it's not just bout rich and soft taste and flavor but it concerns even about your feelings that is the reason why Cled'or is a premium class ice cream. It was launch on March 2005 by expanding the business scope of Binggrae. 

For the bar, I tried the Cled'or Vanilla Bar which is rich in milk, vanilla bean and deep coated in milk chocolate. For the cone, I have tried the Cled'or Choco Brownie Cone and Cled'or Maple & Walnuts Cone. The Choco Brownie is rich in chocolate ice cream with a chewy brownie cake on it and caramel almond as the toppings.

I both live the bar and the cone although the price is quite expensive but it was closely to taste like Magnum for the bar while the cone exceeded my expectations compare to the other brands in the market. Their price range is from Php75 to Php90.

Other flavors of bars are the Berry Mix, Cookies and Cream, Espresso  Coffee, and the Cream Cheese series, the Kiri or Cream Cheese, Strawberry, and Blueberry. They also have Pint with two (2) flavors, Vanilla and Choco. For the cup, the have Red Carpet Cheesecake, Chico Brownie and Parfait Choco. Lastly, for the Waffle Cone, they have Milk Choco, Milk & Green Tea and Soft-cone Milk & Chocolate

You can now taste and experience the premium Korean Ice Cream Cled'or in the Philippines. Cled'or Ice Cream is available at Robinson's Supermarket, Walter Mart Supermarket and Metro Gaisano Supermarket. It is also available in all Korean store in the country. 

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