Satisfying Our Ice Cream Cravings at Mad Mark's Pioneer

In our office, we usually crave for something. One of those days is that we all wanted to have ice cream. It's actually, a fave in our team and today, we end up at the Mad Marks in Pioneer, Mandaluyong City.

The store was so busy, all seats are occupied and you have to wait for your turn during lunch time. Team had already lunch at the Attic except to our boss. He ordered, Creole Grilled Chicken for Php215 (Too bad, I wasn't able to take a photo of it).

While the boss had sumptuous meal, we ordered our ice cream. I have Javan Hot Chocolate, single scoop for Php99. While my colleagues had Chocolate on Chocolate, Half Baked Madagascar and Single Origin Espresso.

I did not expect that my Javan Hot Chocolate taste good because all along I thought it was a coffee base ice cream but it's not. It actually taste more like dark chocolate which I love. The creamy ice cream which is easily melts on my mouth. Though, I also tried the other flavor. My intuition to my order is perfect. I will recommend this place to my friends because the ambiance is nice and the ice cream is great!

They also giveaway, free coffee of the day to try which is Ducth Latte. I made a sip and I did not like it (it only shows that I am not really a fan of coffees) Oh, please take note that they have 8% service change.

And to learn more about the Mad Marks Creamery and Good Eats, visit their FB page at marks honest food.

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