The First-ever Kuya J Cafe is Now in Makati

Kuya J is not just a restaurant but also a cafe! Yes you read it right, Kuya J Cafe offers a new way to chill. Located at Park Square in Makati City, the new Kuya J Cafe marries casual dining with a relaxing ambiance, making it the perfect spot for any occasion.  It's a perfect place to hangout with friends and enjoy a warm cup of coffee and delicious Filipino food.

The well-loved Filipino restaurant Kuya J just launched its first-ever Kuya J Cafe. Aside from specially brewed coffee and delectable pastries, they also served the signature Kuya J dishes.  It is indeed a place where you can enjoy great food.

The opening of the new Kuya J Cafe was a joyous celebration attended by a number of guests who also looked forward to tasting its newest offerings. Like in the opening of Kuya J Restaurant in Eastwood, the Perennial heartthrob Jericho Rosales also graced the launch and led the motorcade around Park Square.

Kuya J Cafe opens its doors to the public and introduced its own blends and brews. Plus, you can indulge with their cakes and pastries like Guava Cake which is so light and fruity, the delectable Tables Cake and the smooth and creamy Salted Egg Cheesecake. You should also try their Pianono, Pan de Coco, Ensaymada which is now my favorite. 

Also, try the rich and chocolatey kick of their  Tablea  coffee and Sago't Gulaman coffee is a must try, if you are looking for something new.

So what are you waiting for? Discover a different dining experience and relaxation at Kuya J Cafe. For more information, visit their website at https://www.kuyaj.pH or follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @kuyajresto.

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