The Benefits of Safe Mylar Bags for Food Storage & Long-Term Storage

Whether you’re storing your own food or looking for packaging that extends your product’s expiration date, mylar packaging is an excellent option. Explore the benefits of this innovative, flexible packaging solution today. Design your own custom bags or flexible packaging rollstock to clearly label long-term storage products or grow your business.

Odor Resistance

Leaking odors is one of the most unpleasant features of food storage. When odors leak from one product to another, it can negatively affect the taste of each. There’s no thing worse than opening up a sweet treat or light and airy and being greeted with the powerful smell of stored garlic, dried meat or other strong odors.

Mylar is naturally odor resistant. This means that food stored in mylar won’t leak its odor out to other food, and it won’t absorb odors of food stored around it. Both of these features make mylar an ideal packaging material for long-term storage.


Light Blockage 

UV rays are a major component of food going bad. Your dried food or other items need to be stored in an area that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight for the maximum shelf life. Order custom mylar pouches for a flexible material that blocks light, allowing your products to stay fresh and safe.

Take advantage of digital printing technology to clearly print a label and images of your food products on your packaging. This allows you to create packaging that doesn’t have a clear component, allowing you to block out the maximum amount of light. As long as your products have excellent quality control and consistency, your customers won’t need to see the actual item through a clear window, which would also allow UV light to enter your package.


Oxygen-Free Packaging 

Oxygen is another common feature that quickly spoils stored food. Exposure to oxygen can cause your food products to mold, go stale or otherwise expire. An airtight container is an essential element for short- or long-term storage of food products.

Resealable Enclosure 

An airtight package is a great starting point, but what happens when the package is opened? You need a resealable package to prevent oxygen exposure after the seal is broken. Once you or your customers open up a food package, an airtight zipper prevents further oxygen exposure.



Moisture Prevention 

Oxygen, odors and sunlight may cause your food products to expire quickly, but moisture is a major source of food gone bad. Whether it’s water or just overly humid air, moisture is a key ingredient that causes dried food to expire. Even rapid temperature changes can affect the moisture levels of items in packaging that isn’t properly sealed.

Mylar is a great moisture barrier, so as long as it is airtight it will successfully prevent moisture issues. This final protective feature, combined with the rest, gives your food an excellent shelf life for emergency storage or for mass production and shipping.

Order Mylar Bags Today 

Keep food safely stored for weeks, months and even years with child proof mylar bags. Request a quote today to see how you can start packaging your commercial products or homemade emergency food in safe, affordable and reliable mylar.

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