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Cled'or Premium Ice Cream

Who doesn't like Ice Cream?

Everyone of us at least once in our life have tried ice cream. my favorites are vanilla and chocolates. However, lately, not that so recent I like Pistachio flavor of one of the leading ice cream brand here in the Philippines. Anyway, I will not going to tell you more about that ice cream indeed let's talk about one of the most popular ice cream brand in Korea. 

Cafe Mary Grace: More than Just a Pastry Shop

I visited Cafe Mary Grace in Eastwood and the restaurant is so homey. It is a place where you want your Mom and Tita's to meet for a brunch or an afternoon coffee. I know them for their pastries and cakes and never thought that they served something more than you expected.

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Kuya J’s new Duo Halo-halo Espesyal

I’m so excited to try the new Halo-halo line of Kuya J. I went to the venue early to avoid the traffic and it was so nice to be the early bird. While waiting for the other invited bloggers. I took pictures and stay at their function room. The place is so comfortable and homey. I love the idea of their interior designs which remind me the Kuya J’s signature brand of warm customer service.

Eventually, the staff of Kuya J’s started to serve us lunch. We have Grilled Scallops, Tortang Talong, Pork Caldereta, Crispy Pata, Beef Sinigang, Sisig, Pancit and three variety of rice (Garlic, Danggit, and Plain Rice). 

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Christmas Sugar Rush at the Sugar House

Christmas is the season of loving, caring and sharing. It is also the time of the year where you spend much for your love ones, families and friends.

Let me share to you what I discover in one Holiday. I was fortunate to be invited to try the newest Christmas offering of Sugar House, familiar right? Because lot to eat desserts like cakes, pastries and other deli just to satisfy our sweet tooth. 

I'm the early bird so I get a change to try the newest product of Sugar House which are the Polvoron, Salted Caramel & Chocolate Popcorn and Leche Flan which is to die for. 

Pigging Out at Samgyupsal King's Unli BBQ

Let's face it! Koreans have a big influence to us nowadays and we almost die to their musics, dramas, celebrities & artist and not only that even with their foods.

My Tomochan Ramen Express Experience

I was so excited when I got invites to a Ramen food tasting event. I personally love eating Japenese food, and Ramen is one of my comfort foods, especially during cold seasons. 

I grew up eating Ramen at home with my Tita's. One of them was based in Japan for more than 20 years so the food is really familiar to me even when I was a kid. the culture. 

Pak na Pak Breakfast with Unipak Omelette

Everyday, every morning I always ended hurrying out because I need to do a lot of things early in our house, for work and to attend my duties as a mom. 

We usually have Pandesal with either peanut butter, butter or cheese and a malt drink for breakfast. However, when my kid wants something heavy we cooked rice and pair it with the usual hotdogs, egg, and sometimes the left over from last night's dinner.

Bulalo Night At The Green ATS Restaurant

The fast two days was really a hectic one for me. Ask me why? 

I attended a retreat and strategic planning in the other. It seems like I need to reflect for  moment and that so-called retreat was perfect just in time for me. I enjoyed it!

Ramen Nagi in Solenad Nuvali is Now Open!

It was my first time at Ramen Nagi and having their signature ramen as we take part to the soft opening of the their Ayala Malls Solenad in Nuvali. That day was fun and tummy full day. I got a chance to catch up with my other blogger friends.

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Good Food Tour Philippines Features Mexican and Spanish Cuisines

It was my first time to join Good Food Tour Philippines of Food Panda and on their seventh edition, it's all about Mexican and Spanish dishes. Food Panda as well as my co-blogger friends conquered the Tomas Morato Avenue in Quezon City and had our Mexican and Spanish food expedition.

A Gastronomic Experience At Mesa 30th Ayala Mall

I was so excited to try the food of Mesa although if you come to think of it, Filipino Dish is totally common and always served in our own house. However, what #Mesa30th has to offer is something really interesting. 

Pinoy's love eating and its already proven. Even its raining the best thing we can do inside the house is cook and eat with our family. One of the usual dish that we can instantly cook during these days was a canned goods. 

One of the favorite Sinigang meat is fish and when we say fish dish, we tend to go fish with our National Fish, the Bangus (Milkfish). Bangus is very versatile because whether you put it in Sinigang, stuffed it and grilled like a Relyeno, or split, seasoned and fried as Daing. Filipinos will surely love it, especially when it was boneless for a more easier to eat.

I'm absolutely a fan of bread and pastries. I love sandwiches as well. One of my favorite spreads is peanut butter. Like me, my friends used to bring sandwiches in the office. We even share and exchange sometimes.

I was one of the fortunate bloggers who got invited to try the new Gardenia Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pocket Sandwich. It was new to my ear although I know Gardenia offers a variety of sandwiches, rolls, etc. who is perfect for snacks. I know because I used to buy it in the grocery for my kid's school snack.

I was so delighted to attend another food tasting event last week when I get surprised that the typical Filipino cuisine can do better. Grilla is a casual Filipino family restaurant that caters both locals and tourists. They invited me to try their food as they opened another store in SM MOA by the Bay.

Your favorite ice cream brand, #DairyQueenPH, rings the New Year with another exciting flavor to spice up its mouthwatering Blizzard collection. Your ice cream experience will never be the same with Dairy Queen's Blizzard of the Month, the all-new and its kind flavor Toblerone Blizzard!

To date, there are already 8 stores of the well known "Open 25 Hours" in Manila, Goodah!!! has a good start this year to open a new branch located in Baclaran. 

Not only that because they also launch a new and exciting dish that many Filipinos love. The classic dish Kare-kare takes its new level to be become Krispy in Goodah!!!

Nothing beats Filipino dishes. That's all I can say, even though we all grew up learning to try different cuisines from around the world. I would say that we have our own dishes that are truly world class.

Well, of course, we also have influences from other countries. I was so delighted to meet Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou. 

Mediterranean Food is not new to us. For me, their food is so interesting because I don't usually eat their dishes and even not making it. I find it a previllages to try and experience the good food they have. Have been tried the Kos Greek Ouzeri like them, I discover that they serve healthy food.

One of the best tasting and interesting food around the world comes from Greek. They have shared a wide flavorful dish that contributes to the culinary world.

I was invited to experience Greek cuisine that I will definitely recommend to all of my friends to try. Have you ever heard about Kos Greek Ouzeri? 

Got another product to review. I'm so glad that there are lots of people and brands who trusted me to review their products. Last weekend, I received a package from Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus and I love it. The freshness and the flavorful boneless milkfish of Sarangani Bay.

One of the best part of food review is that you get the products straight to your doorsteps. I was actually super excited to try the Sarangani Bay products. It was perfect since I am now practicing eliminating eating pork for about three months now.

To give you a background of what kind of fish I eat. Well, I love those fishes who has white and pink meat.

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One of our family's favorite food is pizza. We like both thin and thick pizza, of course we love to try out different flavors.

We usually eat in a pizza house more often. My kid best ever favorite is Hawaiian and four cheese pizza. I don't like those who have a lot of veggie toppings.

The matcha mania in the Philippines never stop. As we can experience the launch of the first matcha-themed food festival at the Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila. This whole month of September, Resorts World Manila signature restaurants and selected Newport Mall, dining establishments will give you a Matcha spin on classic recipes that will guarantee you to taste and maximized the flavor of the healthiest forms of green tea called Matcha.

Taco Bell, the world's leading taco food chain, invites you to try their newest offering and in the innovation of their classic taco with Chalupa Supreme.

The Chalupa Supreme features a deep-fried crispy and chewy flatbread filled with seasoned beef, sour cream, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and a three-cheese blend. The result is a delightful mixture of textures and flavors that is distinctly Taco Bell. Transforming the everyday taco into an experience you won't find anywhere else.

It was such an honor to be part of group of people who will review and try first hand as Taco Bell, the worlds leading taco food chain presents an irresistible offering that must try, the Gordita Supreme.

This mouth-watering treat is shaped and stuffed like your favorite taco but with a twist. Made with seasoned beef fresh lettuce, cool sour cream and dried tomatoes all cradled inside a warm soft flatbread.

It was so nice to be part of the 6th Mandala Park Weekend Market. The monthly market will once again treat its visitors to a slew of homegrown merchants that promote the local culinary scene. And if that isn't enough, the shared space will play host to a fun activity that will surely get the kiddies moving. 

When I think of a place where I can relax while sipping a good cup coffee while chatting with friends. The only place that comes to my mind especially if I wanted somewhere near my place it was definitely the Dome Cafe in Sharangri-la Plaza.

The place is so cozy and very friendly. I would say that this is the place for business meetings or meeting a friend for a short conversation. 

When we say barbecue the very first thing we think of is Liempo and admit it or not we Pinoys are always go crazy about it. 

Maybe because of it’s the irresistibly smokey goodness that wins us over. Every piece or stick of barbecue grilling over glowing, red-hot charcoal remains to be the perfect invitation to go on an eating or drinking spree with friends, loved ones, or office mates.

Morganfield’sTM, an American diner offering the biggest & juiciest pork ribs in town is sure to become another foodie destination when it opens in Uptown Place at Fort Bonifacio after making waves in Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Their heavyweight hero, Sticky BonesTM is an authentic prime pork rib slowly baked and smoked for hours in coal and hickory wood, grilled to perfection so that it is off-the-bone juicy, then basted with the sweetness and tanginess of their special homemade BBQ sauce, a unique hickory barbeque sauce that comes with a hint of cider. Priced at only P750 for half slab and P1,395 for full slab, this is definitely good for 3 or more.

I was invited to try the food for a Tapa Festival from one of well-known fast food when it comes to Tapsilog, GoodAh!!! It was known in their Goto Special and Tapsilog during mid-90s. One of my favorite place to dine-in when I was young. My favorites are Goto Special and Cicken Mami way back then. Today, it was one of the favorite Tapsilog places where you can have a variety of choices.

From Europe to Asia, this is something big! The Iconic Danish chocolate milk drink Cocio is now arrive in Asia for the very first, starting in the Philippines, with the launch of Cocio classic and the global launch of Cocio Dark.

Imagine even in their homeland they haven't try the Cocio Dark and we are lucky because we are the first to try the Cocio Dark.

The Taste Of Capitol Is Now In Tomas Morato

Food trip if that is what you call it when you love to eat more and more delectable dishes. I was very lucky to try this newly opened restaurant in Tomas Morato. Though I heard that they initially opened it in Kapitolyo in Pasig. 

The restaurant in Kapitolyo was needed to be close for some reasons as per Sir Mark, one of the owner. 

Pizza Hut In Kia Thater Is Now Open To Serve You

Pizza Hut expands its original concept of pizza restaurant into an exceptional venue to the birth of its newest store in Kia Theater. It is located in the former New Frontier theater  beside Gateway Mall Araneta Center.

Extending its concepts, you can now experience the great new entrees such as rib eye steak, baby back ribs with sides, the monster burger.

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As we all know, Filipinos love to eat and no question about that. BAHAY Buffet had launched its first ever BAHAY Buffet trip to Moca Farm in Padre Garcia, Batangas. 

MoCa Family as the host as very hospitable and kind. They shared to us their best menu and tried it, indeed it was a feast.

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Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant Is Now Open

I grew up  in Manila where we always visit Binondo and Divisoria area and there are two things we do there. First is to deliver our leather goods for our Chinese buyers and second is to eat Chinese food as always. I must admit that I love sea foods.  Grandma teaches me how eat it and we likely have it in our table 3-4 times a week. 

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Cakes, Coffee, Pastries And More At Cab Cafe In Kapitolyo

Are you looking for a place to dine? A place where you can enjoy the food and relax a bit? Oh well, I have found a spot in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Who should have said that I don;t have to go somewhere just to find a perfect place to dine with my family. I will admit that there are times that we don't feel like preparing our meal, so we end up eating somewhere for lunch or dinner.

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Lucky's Burger and Bar Is Another Place For Chilling Out
I'm always thankful and delighted every time I'll be one of the chosen bloggers who will try food reviews.

Obviously, I love food though not fun of veggies but still love eating. Last month, I tried a Burger and Beer Feast at Forbes Town Center in BGC. This time, the Lucky's Burger and Bar.

I was rushing to that place that day because I'll be coming from the other side of Makati. 

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Burger And Beer Feast  At Forbes Town Center

The celebration of International Burger Day was extended in Forbes Town Center where they are inviting all foodies to try the Burger and Beer Feast of the 10 hottest Burger and Beer pairings in the area.

Everybody loves burger and who should have said that it was not a perfect match with beer? Oh well, this time celebration, Forbes Town Center's Burger, and Beer Feast boasts ten of the best gourmet burgers in the town where each of it was very compelling match with beer.

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Churreria La Lola Because Is Now A Heart

Who don't like Churros?

Oh well, it was one of my favorite quick bites. I remember during college days, I used to eat it in one of the leading store who offers Churros. Actually this store captures my heart when it comes to Churros. However, I find something new that can be a substitute to my Churros Con Chocolate if ever this store is far from where I am.

Katy Perry Inspired Doughnuts Only At Krispy Kreme

The global brand of Krispy Kreme store has announced its full support for the much awaited Prismatic World Tour of International Music Icon, Katy Perry's concert at the Philippine Arena on May 7.  With her award winning performances and billboard hits like, "Roar," "Part of Me," "Teenage Dream," and "Firework."

Krispy Kreme launched its Glamour Glaze line doughnuts.

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CoCo Fresh Tea And Juices: Your Summer On The Go Partner

The heat is on! As Summer is officially started, CoCo Fresh Tea and Juices brings the summer goodness to its customers year-round with Summer On-The-Go.

CoCo Tea’s line of juices and teas are a revitalizing and rejuvenating choice for those who are constantly on the move with day to day activities.

CaliBurger New Summer Flavors!

CaliBurger open its doors last February 2014, It been a year when they brought the Califonia Lifestyle here in Manila. 

Now that summer is here, Caliburger is celebrating it with new and delicious additions to their menu. The 7 new amazing Milkshakes Flavor to beat the heat, the Spicy Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwich to add spice to your summer and the Healthy Cali Chicken Sandwich with Avocado Sauce to give you a healthy kick this season.

Potts Point Cafe Degustation Now Open In SM MOA

I love eating... that is why food review is so much fun for me!

Trying out the best foods in a restaurant is an experience to cherish because food is unique. This time I was able to try the new Potts Point Cafe branch in SM Mall of Asia.

I believed that eating healthy is a choice but if you have choices why not go for healthy foods, right? I am a fan of Japanese foods. Califonia Maki and Sushi is one of my favorite aside from Teppanyaki and Ramen. Lucky I am for I was invited to try the newest organic and global sushi chain called Wasabi Warriors. 

Love their motto: "eat good, do good, and feel good"

What is your favorite snack? Is it French Fries, Tacos or Hotdogs? 

Whenever we are going to a movie house or just for a snack, we must admit that we really love hotdogs. I remember one of the famous characters in a comic book that I am reading during my teenage years. He even had hotdogs and sausages in his locker. 

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Saucy Food Mnl At StEat Maginhawa Food Park

There's a new place to hangout at the Maginhawa Street in UP Village, Quezon City. During the launching of StrEat Maginhawa Food Park, we tried the foods of  Saucy Food Mnl. 

They are in their soft opening, and we are one of the people who tried their specialties. It was owned by three friends who venture into food business. 

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Food Crawl With Zomans: Solaire Resorts and Casino 2nd Anniversary Special

It was another gastronomic experience we had in Zomato food review. This time we will raid the six  restaurants of Solaire Resorts and Casino. Yes, it was six (6). I was so excited to try other restaurants there before I was invited to the launching of Oasis Garden Cafe and the Waterside Restobar late last year. I love the place both relaxing and the food they served is fantastic!

Locavore Kitchen and Drinks: A Perfect Place To Chill After Work

It was another gastronomic experienced last night from Locavore Kitchen and Drinks. We enjoyed the foods, the drinks, the company and the night with tummy full. We had a fun-filled night with music and laughter. Exchanging opinions about the food while munching every bite we take as the fabulous feast has been served to us.

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Wild Ginger The Southeast Asian Table 

Foodie meet-ups was fun! I enjoy it with my fellow foodies and blogger friends. This time we are invading the Wild Ginger. It was a great opportunity to try out their food because it only has one branch, which is located in Lower Ground Floor of Rockwell, Power Plant Mall in Makati. 

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Rita's Italian Ice Is Now Open In The Philippines

The largest Italian Ice concept in the world with 600 stores in the US is now open in the Philippines. It was founded 30 years ago in Trevose, PA. The first international stores was opened in China followed by Canada and now in the Philippines.

The popular chain offers different kinds of cool treats in Italian Ice which is made fresh daily with real fruit. 

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Pinac Heirloom Capampangan Cuisine At UP Town Center
I went to a food tasting party, beauty products and a direct selling launch at the same time last January 13 at the 2nd Floor of U.P. Town Center in Katipunan, Q.C.  It was such a great night knowing another Capampangan restaurant has been opened. As we all know, Capampangan's has great skills when it comes to cooking and have their variety of authentic Filipino recipes. 

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Waterside Restobar at Solaire Resort and Casino’s Sky Tower

Dinner will never be the same if you will try and experience the Global Gastronomia in Waterside Restobar at Solaire Resort and Casino’s Sky Tower. 

It has a stylish concept that makes your dining experience more memorable. It showcases a unique flair where they offer Latin American and Mediterranean cuisine in a more casual and affectionate ambiance. 

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Oasis Garden Cafe Is Now Open At Solaire Resort And Casino's Sky Tower

It was such a pleasure to be part of the fabulous opening of one of the Cafe's in Solaire Resort and Casino. The Oasis Garden Cafe. 

Celebrating the occasions with High Tea Hat Pary with other bloggers was so much fun!

The afternoon was filled with country style ambiance, very cozy and relaxing music.

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Get Extraordinary Paluto Experience At Bierra Seafoods Paluto Restaurant

From the moment you walk through their door, you can expect a warm welcome, lively atmosphere and a burst of exquisite flavors. Take a look and you’ll find a host of authentic features, the freshest ingredients and mouth-watering delicacies that capture the very essence of all things Filipino in Tex Mex Style.

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The Royal Piccadilly: A British Inspired Restaurant and Cakery
It's another food trip with the Zomans. This time we invade The Royal Piccadilly Restaurant and Cakery located in Katipunan.

Even though the place is hardly find for me and seems like not all people knows it. I still have the courage to find by myself and like before I found the place that I'm looking for. 

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Tamayaki's Creative Flavors of Takoyaki Balls

When I got the invites to Tamayaki, I remember my son. He is a fan of Japanese Foods and Culture, he even dreamed of going to Japan and stay there for good. 

When you heard Takoyaki, the first thing that comes to your mind was one of the popular street food in Japan. However, when I came to the Tamayaki food tasting event.

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It's Cool To Be In Kool Kids

Most of the people loves eating ice cream in so many and different ways. When I was young I used to eat sorbetes (dirty ice cream) with my Lola in our ancestral house in Sta. Mesa, Mamang Sorbetero used to layover in front of the house.

But who knows that those traditional ice cream that we used to grow up with will be given a new face.

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Experience The Taste of Hong Kong In David's Tea House

I have a scheduled meeting with one of my Zomato friends when she told me to meet at the David's Tea House in A. Venue, Makati Avenue to discuss few things about Zomato App.

David’s Tea House is generally engaged in running a chain of the Chinese Tea House in the Philippines. This above average class style in a Modern Chinese Restaurant ambiance serves Authentic Chinese, specifically Hong Kong Food. 

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The Maya Kitchen: European Food Made Simple

I was invited once again to wonderful cooking demo at The Maya Kitchen and the featured Chef was none other than Chef Cara Davis, this young Chef had showcase us her talent in cooking specially with European Dishes. She can create pasta from the scratch and she seems like she love's doing. Together with her Uncle Pepe as her executive sue chef to assist her.

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Turn Your World Around With Tornado Peri-peri Chicken

It was so nice to see a friend whom I met 3 years ago. This time not in an ordinary event, but in her own bloggers event. Being in the world of modeling and showbiz is not an easy job I guess, but this lady is now venturing the world of entrepreneurship.Who she is? It's none other than Arianne Angeli Bautista.

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Tiger Energy Biscuits for Mental and Physical Development of Alisto Kid

Everyday  our kid faced new challenges whether in school or at home. However, there are some kids who are really quick in thinking and quick in finding alternatives to face their challenges.

Being Alisto matters a lot, especially among kids. What is Alisto kid? It was described to be an active, lively and mentally sharp kids.

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It was so exciting to try a new version of Chicken Inasal. It was a new place where you can dine and eat good Filipino food. It was hidden in the Amstrong Ave. in Merville Access Road, Pasay City.

It’s another food tasting event for me and to my fellow food bloggers. We started with Sisig and Lumpia Roll.

I was invited to visit The Maya Kitchen at The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center in Liberty Building in Makati City. They present l'entrecote Corner Bar and Bistro with Chef Martin Kaspar.

It was another meet up and this time we are invading the Ling Nam in Glorietta 2. It was amusing that day because I feel that I was lost and don't know where I'm working and when I enter into the establishment I am not certain if it's the restaurant that I am looking for so I need to go away again and went over.

It was a great opportunity to dine with other blogger friends in one restaurant where you can try some of their best seller foods.

It was my first time to attend the Zomato Foodie Meet up event, and I would say that it was amazing.

Last September 6, 2014, I was invited to join a group of food bloggers to try a newly open restaurant named Plana's Pantry. When I entered to the place, my eye caught instantly was their interiors and furniture. It was so homey yet so relaxing place to dine. 

Jelly G: The Authentic Milk Tea From Thailand

One of my favorite beverages is Milk Tea. No wonder I keep coming back to milk tea store. I used to drink tea when I am stressed,  it helps me feel more calm. So when a friend of mine ask who wants to try a new Thai Milk Tea brand in the Philippine. I made a decision to grab the opportunity to try it.

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Plana's Pantry Serves Filipino-Western Cuisine

Last September 6, 2014, I was invited to join a group of food bloggers to try a newly open restaurant named Plana's Pantry. When I entered to the place, my eye caught instantly was their interiors and furniture. It was so homey yet so relaxing place to dine. 

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One of my favorite seafood is shrimp... no wonder when a friend ask me to join a review for The Shrimp Shack I said yes instantly. No need to think but to go and try it. The Shimp Shack is an Hawaiian themed restaurant where they served different recipes of shrimp. 

 The Hawaii’s top burger is all set to its Philippine debut on Saturday, August 23, 2014 at Greenbelt 3, Makati City. The co-founder of Teddy’s USA, Ted Tsakiris gives some clues of Teddy’s Burger secret success. He says, Teddy’s is built from the burger, borne out of a passion for burgers.  It was started in the backyard cookouts of Hawaii-based founders Ted Tsakiris and Rich Stula who are both burger lovers.

A BGC Food Tour For Passionate Stomachs

Trying different variety of foods in a day will definitely challenge a food enthusiast and a blogger like me. I was invited to join in a different kind of tour which is the BGC EATS headed by Chef JJ Yulo. Okay, what is BGC EATS all about? It is actually an adventure of learning and eating experience by riding the BGC Bus and walking tour around the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

The Cadbury Sweet Endings: How To Eat Chocolate The Right Way

Eating chocolates will never be the same if you will follow the Cadbury way. Cadbury Dairy Milk known for its smooth and creamy chocolate that gives you sweet endings will help you how to savor the good things in life while eating chocolates the right way.

Kamuning Bakery: Bringing Back The History Of Its Breads

 Kamuning Bakery was one of the Oldest authentic pugon or wood-fire oven bakery and the very first bakery to open in Quezon City. It was established in 1939 by Atty. Leticia “Letty” Bonifacio Javier, with her husband Lt. Marcelo Javier.

Teddy's Bigger Burger Is Coming In the Philippines

Say Aloha to Teddy's Bigger Burger! Yes, the Hawaii's number one burger chain will make their way in our country. Opening its first store at Level 3, Greenbelt 3, Makati City on August 23. Their signature fare of its 100% corned ground chuck made-to-order burgers served with a sweet and tangy special sauce and complement with their suer thick milk shakes is perfect!