Be a Lakwatsero like Robi Domingo

Gearing up for your next local trip? Catch OPPO Selfie Expert Robi Domingo as he explores and travels around the Philippines for ABS-CBN News’ travelogue, Lakwatsero. Follow Robi’s six-week journey as he discovers what could be your next travel destination – from Basey and Calbiga in Samar, Iloilo, Bacolod, Mt. Apo in Davao del Sur, Malapascua and Bantayan Islands in Cebu, Bukidnon, Cagayan de Oro, to Iligan City. Each webisode is only 5 to 7 minutes long, featuring the different activities and sights you can experience in each destination.

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Midea Gas Ranges: Surprisingly Withstanding the Test of Filipino-style Cooking

Whenever Filipinos are preparing for a big celebration, whether it is for birthdays, fiestas or family reunions, the kitchen sure gets so busy with all the cooking that needs to be done. All hands are on deck as all available chopping boards are brought out and batches of ingredients go through knives before getting them in the pots. While some ingredients are boiled or steamed before they are combined with the other ingredients to complete the dish, there are some that gets the heat treatment by frying, grilling, or roasting.

A Warm Welcome Coming Home From A Tough Day

It is not an uncommon scene in the house, that whenever someone comes home from school or from the office, they seem to drag their bodies in and just crash somewhere in the couch. Every day, the body tackles a lot of different kinds of stress from work or from studying. The body may take a lot of beating from every day commute or physical tasks at hand.

The Sharp Steamwave Oven: Your Quick and Reliable Kitchen Partner

If there is one thing we, Filipinos, are known for besides our
hospitality, it would probably be our love for food. From deep-fried favorites to local sweets and delicacies, the dining table is never short of one spectacular dish or two.

This love for food also made way for us to experiment on different ingredients and cooking techniques, producing even more mouthwatering dishes.

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Keep Cool and Fresh this Christmas:The Sharp J-Tech Inverter 2-Door Refrigerator 

Christmas is in the air and with it are the parties and gatherings you’d probably host or attend. And with every Filipino Christmas party tradition, good food and drinks never fail to make their appearance. But sometimes, the abundance of holiday favorites becomes a dilemma before and even after every party or shindig.

It might be something often overlooked because of all the excitement during these events, but behind the merry celebration, a conscious homemaker will always have these two concerns in mind: the food storage and the potential leftovers.

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Special Corporate Giveaways For Your Christmas Party

As the streets lit up with twinkling Christmas decors and the cool breeze of the season sweeps the atmosphere with excitement and joy, most workers are also looking forward to a very long vacation and most off all to the bonuses coming along their way. Everyone deserves to celebrate this season to their heart’s content, after all the hard work they have put in all throughout the year. 

Midea’s Trusted Partners In Providing Filipinos Home Solutions

A few years ago, Midea was basically a new entrant brand in the minds of the Filipino market. With so many established appliance brands already etched in every consumer’s thought whenever on a search for appliances, Midea was on a tough road in competing to capture the attention of the market, more so, landing a space in their homes. 

Zomato Goes Full-stack Food-tech; Introduces Whitelabel Platform For Restaurants

Earlier today, Zomato announced the launch of its Whitelabel Platform (, a full suite of technologies for restaurants to run their business on the internet. The key feature on the platform is the ability for restaurants to launch custom-branded native mobile apps.

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Kuryente Load Is The Newest From Meralco

Have you heard about the prepaid electricity load from Meralco? Actually, I have seen a T.V. Ad for Kuryente Load and find it more convenient. Although the first question in my mind was. How?  Let me tell you some info about it that I have discovered. 

Kuryente Load or K Load is the newest Melarco's service offering, it is the first prepaid electricity service integrated with mobile base. Over 8,000 Meralco customers have been enjoying the benefits of K Load.

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Samwon Offers Affordable Home Entertainment And Appliances 

It was a fun event during the relaunch of a home entertainment products and car accessories at Jill's Fort in BGC. 

Panvin International dealers of Samwon Appliances, X12, Mickle Philippines., Proline Car Stereo Philippines, Dreamwave Bluetooth Speakers showcased their products during the event.

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TORQUE Launches New #HEADTURNERS Phablets

Turn your head upside down! because Christmas will be more exciting as Torque launches the new evolution of Phablets: The DROIDZ SWIVEL, DROIDZ PIVOT, DROIDZ ROTATE and DROIDZ AXIS. The notable feature of these Phablets is the Rotating Camera, with high-end specs to boot.

Have you ever wonder if its possible to share photos and chat with friends without using Wifi, Bluetooth or infrared? No need for Mobile Data eighter. Well, you can! Because Paloma Mobile introduces the most affordable way to chat and share photos in the Philippines. Together with Globe telecom, they offer a P1 for unlimited daily Photo Chat messaging and no need to use Wifi.

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DFA Passport Appointment System: World-class Passport Processing

Getting a passport is better and easier now than ever. Before you even get to the DFA, you will be informed of your assigned date and time, eliminating the need for long queues and ensuring convenient and efficient processing. 

Plus, you have the choice of numerous DFA passport processing locations to choose from like DFA ASEANA, DFA Manila, DFA Megamall, DFA Ortigas, DFA Cubao, and DFA Alabang.

The New Gaggenau Vario Cooling 400 Series

With its lavish LED lighting concept and perfected details, the new Gaggenau Vario cooling 400 series offers all the benefits of modern storage technology. The 14 cooling appliances in the first modular system of fully integrated built-in appliances introduced in 2007 can be combined in countless ways to create a stylish cooling wall. 

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Get Closer To Your Loved Ones Through LINE Premium Call

A new LINE Premium Call has launched last August 6, 2014. Promoting exclusively for Philippine users during the Line “LINE More, Be Closer!” event held in Makati Shangri-La. LINE formally introduced LINE Premium Call, a globally renowned call service, along with loads of other surprises exclusive to its Filipino Stronger Connections through an exclusive promotion for Filipino users.